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REKRUUT has all the greatest jobs for who wants to work at ambitious growthcompanies. Whether it's sales, marketing, IT, engineering,... The fun & fantastic team of REKRUUT brings your career up to speed!

Simply create your profile and we'll do the rest. Based upon your preferences and skills we match you with the greatest start- and scale-ups from Belgium.

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And you could be working for these promising growth companies...
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Do you have an out-of-the-box idea or do you come up with new initiatives? In a start- or scale-up you can get your projects started asap without difficult procedures. Thanks to fast communication and a small team, your ideas can be discussed and realized.

Choose for a job with effect!


Fussball with colleagues, lunchbreaks on location, workations, afterwork drinks with your boss,... Working at a startup equals working in a flat and open structure with a cool culture. Work hard? Yes! But fluent communication and great teamwork accounts for the necessary balance


In a start-up, jobs are not always well defined and tightly divided in boxes. Breakfast brainstorms, midday marketing meetings and strategic salesplans. This variation keeps you sharp and it's typical for the types of personalities at the early stages of a start- and scale-up! 


Start- & scale-ups love to grow. And your personal development could also be part of that growthcurve. Implementing innovative solutions and scaling it to a new market has the potential to put your personal brand in the spotlight as well. (Personal) ambitions are welcome at startups!

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