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REKRUUT recruited 10 people in 6 months for Garvis

Updated: Feb 6

Garvis approached us about recruiting of new talent for their fast-growing SaaS company in the logistics sector. At that time the team consisted of the 3 founders and 1 early joiner in IT. 

Recruit as a recruitment partner to build a team 

To support the rapid growth of Garvis To keep up, we looked for various profiles within the domains of software, sales and marketing. For software functions, we focused on testing, back-end and front-end profiles. For sales and marketing we looked for a customer support, a corporate sales professional and a marketing lead.

Service cooperation with Garvis 

A service collaboration with Rekruut concerns a complete outsourcing of the recruitment process in the longer term for several open vacancies. 

We started by setting up an attractive vacancy and effective advertising, including regular promotion on social media platforms. We then took responsibility for careful candidate screening, including identifying qualified candidates, in-depth research, and evaluation for the best match. We also facilitated the first conversations by providing the hiring manager with relevant information and coordinated job interviews. We continuously monitor the process for urgent needs and follow-ups. Finally, we offer support from drawing up an attractive employment proposal for selected candidates to signing the contract and hiring the new employee.

Result: 10 people recruited in 6 months

After six months of intensive collaboration Between Rekruut and Garvis we managed to place 10 new employees at Garvis. These new recruits have been carefully selected based on their skills, experience and potential to contribute to their team.

Is your company also experiencing growth and you don't know where to start recruiting?  

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