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When scale-up Sentiance went global and started hiring internationally, it needed a recruiter who was not afraid of a challenge. Why, after years of cooperation, do they still count on REKRUUT to match the perfect candidate to the right job? Read on to find out!

Get to know the talent hunter | Gintare Pranckuniene

Since 2020, Gintare is one of the people managers at the Belgian company Sentiance in Antwerp. She, however, is based in Lithuania. And sometimes she hires people for positions in Canada. The fact that meeting, working and hiring digitally has become the new normal, has worked to their advantage.

“We are truly a global company with a hybrid workplace! Our worldwide approach sets us apart, and we are happy that REKRUUT continuously rises to the occasion to find the people we need for the job. We started working with them five years ago, and have hired some amazing candidates through them. In the beginning, we only recruited in Belgium but as the company grew internationally, so did the efforts of REKRUUT!”

The partnership | REKRUUT & international recruiting

Communication is key

The tech job market is very competitive. When decisions have to be made quickly, good

communication becomes key to a successful hire. Gintare explains how REKRUUT takes time to get to

know the company, and how that works to everyone’s advantage.


“Working with REKUUT has always run smoothly. For a start, they are easy to connect with. They are just fun, and great people to have a conversation with. (laughs) But I think their strength lies in the fact that, at the start, they hold one-on-ones to sound out expectations. They see and meet our needs. They are very responsive whenever we have questions, and they are flexible when changes need to be made along the way. To us, that’s invaluable.”

Onboarding talent as if it were for themselves

Finding an HR partner who stays on top of your company’s rhythm of recruiting is not easy. A

recruiter who can fully embody your brand DNA is therefore an essential asset in the war on talent. It’s the reason why Sentiance continues to work with REKRUUT.

“REKRUUT acts as a true gatekeeper. We mostly hire experienced people, but not always. The personality of a candidate and their motivation often outweigh the number of years of experience. REKRUUT helps us to make the right choice in hiring new talent. They weed out the candidates before we get to see them. In the process, I have noticed that they really know how to sell our company to a potential candidate. They know exactly what we are looking for and how to convey that to an applicant. It’s as if they work at Sentiance themselves!” (laughs)

Do you want to kick your recruitment into higher gear? REKRUUT has years of experience in

recruitment for start-ups and scale-ups.Keep an eye on our socials or get in touch

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