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The candidate journey: Onboarding at your new job

Updated: Feb 6

Are you soon starting a new job? Congratulations! To make the onboarding at your new workplace go smoothly, we offer you some tips.

1 | Get to know the company culture. Every company has a different workflow, so don't assume that these office rules are a copy-paste of your previous work experience. Inform yourself proactively and show that you want to get to know the company culture.

2 | Be curious! It is normal that the kick-off on a new job raises many questions. Don't be scared to ask those questions, because the more information you gather, the faster you will find your place in the workplace. The same goes for feedback: feel free to ask your manager for plenty of feedback.

3 | Dare to communicate problems or issues. Starting in a new environment is not easy. Do you run into issues or difficulties during your onboarding? Be sure to discuss these with your manager. Your employer naturally wants to see you happy!

4 | Be prepared for change! Every work environment is different. During your onboarding, it becomes clear what attitude and communication is expected of you. Discuss these with your manager so that they do not escalate. Your employer naturally wants to see you happy!

5 | Say hi to the team! A new job also means new colleagues. Take the time to introduce yourself and get to know everyone better. A breakfast meeting, joint lunch break or a nice afterwork are the perfect introduction moments!

Do you also want to start a new job soon? Contact us by sending an email to, and who knows, we might be able to assist you.

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