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World of REKRUUT

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We are a recruitment service agency
working on Belgian's most successful start- & scale-ups, recruiting everywhere

The Team

REKRUUT's beating heart?

Our people, without a doubt.

Our team is anything but pigeonholed and always aims at getting the right talent in the right place. Goal getters, sure, but the kind that excels in empathy and social skills.

We like!

The blog

The start-up and scale-up climate is moving 24/7. Businesses to watch, captivating opinion pieces, striking collaborations, a look behind

the recruitment screens, … REKRUUT gets into her pen and offers reading

hot off the needle

Join us

Would you like to work in a vibrant team that is overflowing with enthusiasm? Do you handle change well and are you fascinated by the life stories of candidates?

Good news: we are hiring!

Drop your resume in our mailbox, maybe you'll add your desk chair soon

to our hubs in Ghent or Brussels.

We helped building great teams for: png.jpeg
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Become one of them, contact us now

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