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Working at a start-up in Brussels


Do you want to dive into a new challenge? Are you hesitant to apply for a job at a large corporate, but do you want to find a nice job in a vibrant team and atmosphere, surrounded by great colleagues?  

Search no more! REKRUUT is the job hotspot for those who want to work at a start-up in Brussels. The best jobs within a few clicks at your fingertips. Our fun & fantastic team of REKRUUT'eers will accelerate your career.

Ready? Let's go!

Working at a start-up in Brussels: where to start?

You are overflowing with talent, dreaming big and aiming for a job that is just that little bit different. Being a number in a big corporation is not your cup of tea! You are looking for a great job in a compact team where you can really make a difference. A flat corporate culture with short communication lines, space to brainstorm and co-create a brand new product or refreshing service. You guessed it: working at a start-up in Brussels has it all!  

The coolest vacancies, 100% tailor-made for you!

How do you start your job application adventure? Where can you find the coolest vacancies for start-ups and scale-ups in your area? REKRUUT listens to your wishes and places you in the pole position of your job search. Whether it concerns sales, marketing, warehouse, administration, customer success, engineering or IT: our recruiters have a lot of experience filling exciting vacancies at young and emerging companies.


Marketing miracle, programming skillset or sales miracle: start- and scale-ups can use your skills. REKRUUT is curious about your assets and matches them with a company that really suits you. Curious about our customers, talents and teams? Follow our socials and stay tuned:  

Working in a start-up in Brussels means choosing a job with…
  • Impact | An out-of-the-box idea or refreshing initiative? In a start-up or scale-up you don't have to go through lengthy procedures before you get the green light. Thanks to the fast communication within a small team, your ideas can be quickly discussed and realized. A job with effect? Check!


  • Flat, open structure | Kicking off with colleagues, lunch breaks on location, grabbing a pint with your boss after work, … Working in a start-up in Brussels is known for a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Hard work? Sure, but the smooth communication and great team activities ensures a balanced work-life equilibrium.  


  • Variety | Good news for those who don't like to think in boxes: in a start-up, jobs are not too narrowly defined. Working out a marketing plan in the morning, brainstorming during the afternoon, closing the day with an exciting sales conversation? The variety will keep you on your toes!  


  • Growth potential | Start-ups and scale-ups love to grow. And you will experience that growth curve from the front row! Setting up powerful innovations? Are you at the cradle of a groundbreaking product, where you conquer new markets as a team? The ambitions are high, higher highest. Nice!

Which profiles work in a start-up? RECRUIT knows what's up. 

Wether you just got out of school, already have some experience, or quite a few years of service: REKRUUT offers interesting jobs for both junior and senior profiles. From a recently graduated IT fanatic, to a financial mastermind at VP level. From starting salesperson to seasoned CEO. All that within young and fresh companies ready for a growth sprint. A job at a start-up or scale-up that matches your experience and education level?  


Our vacancies are surprisingly diverse. Follow REKRUUT on LinkedIn , Facebook and Instagram for the best jobs, hot of the shelf.  


Looking for a recruitment agency with punch and spunk? RECRUIT, pleasant!  

As a full-service recruitment agency with offices in Ghent and Brussels, we support start-ups and scale-ups throughout Belgium in building talented teams and providing strategic growth advice. No-nonsense, in co-creation and at accessible rates. Ready? Set. RECRUIT!



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Working at a start-up in Brussels: prepare yourself with our tips & tricks

How do you prepare a resume? How do you make a job interview run smoothly? Which onboarding tips should you not miss? RECRUITMENT to the rescue! We will give you some go's and no-go's during your application procedure. You check them here.  

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