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Building talented teams.

We build talented teams for European start-ups and scale-ups!

We’re a full-service agency: from strategic growth advice to matching talent

No-nonsense, in co-creation, at accessible rates and always putting (your) talent first

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Recruitment is a very peculiar profession.

Both for candidates and for companies, it often means getting outside your comfortzone.

Discover our passion for this craftsmanship,

the people and the drive of REKRUUT;

not your average recruiting partner!

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To recruit great talent for your start- or

scale up? REKRUUT puts together successful teams in order for you to achieve your company ambitions.

Affordable, engaged recruitment

in various sectors: let's get started!

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REKRUUT has the finest vacancy database in Belgium for jobs in a start- or scale-up.

From starters in sales and marketing,

to warehouse and IT over to C-level positions.

Our tips & tricks will help you boost your career!

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We have build these great teams:

Become one of them, contact us.

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