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Recruiting is not about comparison - Founders Talk

Updated: Feb 6

Rekruut places nearly 100 candidates per year. The common practice is often to choose 'WHO IS THE BEST' based on a number of different people.

This may sound logical at first, but it is not.

The first obstacle is supply & demand. There is a shortage of good candidates. To make comparisons, you first need to have candidates. How realistic is it to find a number of equally qualified candidates in the same period?

Secondly, the candidate's impression plays a key role here as well. If a candidate senses that they are being compared, you risk undermining their motivation. How can a company expect a motivated candidate if the candidate doesn't feel the same motivation from the company?

We often see that a candidate decides not to proceed in such cases.

Additionally, you can also question the quality of the process. Is there enough discussion during a conversation or interview about the actual role, responsibilities, and context of a company? Is there clear validation? Does the candidate receive enough information to present themselves strongly?

A well-prepared recruitment process has a particularly positive impact on its success.

  • Ensure clarity of who or what you want.

  • Have an overview of responsibilities and objectives.

  • Define the key criteria that a candidate must meet.

    • What are the must haves, nice to haves and no go's

  • Establish a clear process in which you can make decisions in 2 interview rounds.

Our advice is final: create an interview process that you would appreciate as a candidate yourself.

The beginning of a candidate's journey is not at the start of their contract. The initiation of collaboration with a candidate begins with the first conversation.

Good luck!

Curious about how we can assist you further? Feel free to contact me: or +32 494 77 00 33

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