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REKRUUT recruited 78 employees in 14 months for GIMBER.

GIMBER approached us to recruit new talent for their rapidly growing company. At that time, the team consisted of only 8 employees, and they were looking for three new candidates to strengthen their team.

GIMBER is an innovative Belgian company that focuses on creating high-quality, organic ginger drinks. In 2021, they experienced tremendous growth, and it was crucial to expand their team quickly and efficiently. That's why they turned to REKRUUT.

"We were looking for a partner who could assist us tailor-made, with expertise and the ability to provide a strong service." – Dimitri Oosterlinck, Founder, Gimber

From 3 open positions to a full service collaboration

REKRUUT has successfully completed the first three assignments: finding a Marketing lead, Sales lead, and content creator for GIMBER. These positions were filled quickly and efficiently. However, due to the rapid growth the company experienced, these three positions were not sufficient. GIMBER chose to initiate a service collaboration, where we continuously searched for new talents to keep up with GIMBER's growth.

Service collaboration for GIMBER

A service collaboration with REKRUUT involves a complete outsourcing of the recruitment process for multiple open positions over the long term.

We start by creating a detailed and compelling job description and crafting effective advertisements to promote the position widely. Additionally, regular updates are posted on various social media platforms to promote the vacancy and reach a broader audience.

The next step involves careful screening of all candidates. This begins with monitoring and managing all received applications and responses. We then proceed to identify suitable candidates based on specific criteria, followed by in-depth research and evaluation to find the best match.

Then, it's time for the initial interviews. We provide the hiring manager with relevant information for efficient interview preparation. In addition to scheduling and coordinating interviews between candidates and the company, we continually monitor the application process to address urgent needs and follow-ups.

Finally, we also offer assistance in crafting an attractive job offer for selected candidates until the contract is signed, and the new employee is hired.

"After working hard for a few weeks, we managed to create a strong flow. We brought clarity and focus, something Gimber struggled with. By establishing a strong management team, we, with Rekruut, succeeded in realizing Gimber's ambitious plans together." – Bart De Vlieger, Founder en CEO, REKRUUT

The results: 78 recruited people in 14 months

During the recruitment process for GIMBER, we went through the process a total of 78 times. The result: 78 new team members contributing enthusiastically to the growth of the Belgian company. Positions have been filled in all departments of GIMBER, including Sales (from junior to lead), Marketing (from junior to lead), Operations, HR, production, and R&D.

Of the filled positions, 80% were in Belgium, while 20% were internationally filled in countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark.

"Rekruut has delivered strong results. Constantly keeping a finger on the pulse and collaboratively thinking about the next steps when finding the right talent proved challenging. Candidates were very positive about Rekruut and their screening. Top-notch!" – Werner Van Belle, ex-COO, Gimber

Is your company also experiencing growth, and you're not sure where to start with recruiting?

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