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The candidate journey: how to master your job interview

Updated: Feb 6

How do you create a resume? What networking tips are hot? And how do you leave a remarkable impression after your first job interview? REKRUUT serves as your guide throughout the entire application process.

You have a first job interview scheduled, congratulations! The initial impression often plays a crucial role. Getting ready for this interview? That becomes effortless with these five valuable tips!

1 | Get to know the company. 'That's obvious', you think, but applicants sometimes dare to skip this essential step! What is the company's strategy, structure, culture? Which values ​​stand out for you? By showing genuine interest, you show that you are a match.

2 | Get to know… the manager! Who will sit across you at the table? The business manager or the HR manager? When accepting the invite for your job interview, it is best to check his or her LinkedIn profile. Be sure to prepare a number of questions you have for them as well.

3 | Compare supply and demand. What competencies and experiences does the company require? How does your profile meet this? In which disciplines do you excel, where is there still room for growth? Think about which questions can be fired at you and know how you tackle them in a positive manner.

4 | Be on time. After all, you only have one chance to make a good impression! Do you unexpectedly end up in a traffic jam or does your train arrive late? In that case, inform your contact person in a timely manner, so they know that you are on your way.

5 | Be yourself! You're one of a kind. You should know and show that at your job interview! Know that a job interview takes some getting used to for everyone, including your manager. Remember, it's not a cross-examination, it's really a conversation where both parties get to know each other better. So leave the stress behind and go nail the interview!

Are you still looking for a job and would you like to find out if REKRUUT can assist you? Feel free to contact us by sending an email to

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