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Tips for creating an impactful CV

You only make a first impression once. In the professional world, your CV is your business card that introduces you to potential employers. A good CV is more than just a list of your previous work experiences. However, we notice that many CVs are missing crucial information. Below, you will find our tips to leave a good first impression, hopefully leading to a prompt invitation for a first job interview.

  1. Place your most recent work experience at the top. Ensure that your recent achievements catch the eye immediately. Employers want to know what you have been doing recently.

  2. Own your gaps! Emphasize not only successes but also be honest about any gaps in your professional career. This shows transparency and integrity.

  3. Mention your contact information at the top. Your address, phone number, and driver's license are essential details. Make it easy for employers to contact you.

  4. Keep it concise. A five-page CV is unnecessary. Be concise and focus on relevant information.

  5. Have someone else review your CV. Avoid sloppiness and ensure a professional format. A fresh pair of eyes can help spot mistakes you might overlook.

  6. Send your CV as a PDF file. Avoid formatting issues by not sending the file as a Word document. Also, name the file with your first and last name.

  7. Avoid using 'CV' as the title of the document. It can be part of the file name but not the title in the document.

  8. If you use a quote, make it short and impactful.

  9. Avoid generic words like social, team player, motivated, etc. Everyone uses these traits, so look for terms specific to you.

  10. Tailor your CV to the job you're applying for by adjusting the layout and content.

  11. Don't use a selfie as a photo on your CV. Choose a more professional photo; it's the first impression you leave.

  12. Specify the languages you speak. Be realistic about your language proficiency and don't exaggerate.

  13. Keep your CV up-to-date. Regular updates are crucial. Add new achievements and experiences so your most recent accomplishments are always listed.

  14. Be consistent with LinkedIn. Ensure that the information on your LinkedIn profile matches your CV; employers and recruiters always check both.

  15. Including the link to your LinkedIn profile on your CV is a bonus. It makes it easier for employers or recruiters to find you on LinkedIn.

  16. Applying for an international position or a role in an international company? Present your CV in English.

  17. Substantiate character traits. Mention character traits only if you can support them with examples from your experience. Make sure you can also articulate and justify them.

  18. List hobbies only if they add value and provide insight into you as a person. For example, if you were in a youth movement for years, it likely means you are an initiator. Have you participated in top-level sports? This shows motivation and perseverance.

Are you fully prepared to start applying? Then contact us by sending an email to, and who knows, we might be able to assist you further.

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